The climate in Greece and on Santorini


The most beautiful time to travel to Greece and Santorini is spring time from April to June. It is the best time for hiking and photo tours on Santorini. That time you can discover rare orchids on some places on Santorini. Your guide Tobias Schorr knows the places where to find them. In April & May there are rainfalls and strong winds possible. So it is recommended to have warm clothing with you.


The summer time is starting June and ending end of September. That time the temperatures can be up to 30 C and more, but on Santorini there is usually enough wind and it is not too hot. It is not anmyore the ideal time for hiking tours, even it is possible to do the caldera walking or to combine a hike with a bath in the Aegean sea. But the nature will be dry and there are no flowers anymore. It is a bit like a desert. It is not the best time for nature lovers.


The Autumn starts around end of September with the first strong rainfalls and temperatures dropping. The first green and the first flowers appear. It is a good time to restart hiking tours and there are less tourists on the island. The October is probably the best time, because the weather is nice and not too hot and you may combine a walking tour with a bath in the sea.

Winter time

The winter time is very special on Santorini. There is no tourism anymore and most of the tourist shops are closed. The island is calm and beautiful like in middle Europe at spring time. It is the best time for taking landscape photos and to do hiking. But you have to respect the weather conditions. It can be warm until 20 C and the next day the temperature drops to 10 C or less due to the wind. So it can be a risk to count on the travel connections. If there is strong wind, there will be no airplane and no ship.