Tour offers

  • Volcano island Santorini
    "Pearl of the Aegean Sea" - Insel Santorin

    A hiking tour on the volcano island Santorini. Discover the geology and nature of this great island!

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  • Athens, Laurion and Milos island
    "Silver of the Aegean Sea" - Athens, ancient mining in Laurion and Milos island

    Discover how the ancient culture was financed by the ancient mining at Laurion and dicover the mining on Milos island!

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  • Volcanic peninsula Methana
    "Mystic volcanoes" - the volcanic peninsula Methana

    Only a few kilometres from Athens there is the nearly unknown volcanic peninsula Methana with its great landscape of volcanoes. Discover it on hiking tours!

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  • Lesvos spring meadow
    "Hot springs, volcanoes and fossile forests" - Lesvos island

    Nature, culture and geology of the Lesvos island. Discover this great island on hiking tours!

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  • Submarine eruption 2012
    Discover 4 Canarian islands!

    Discover the Canarian islands Lanzarote, La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife!

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  • The church St. Georg in Lalibela
    "Old churches, mountains and ancient culture" - Round trip North-Ethiopia

    Discover the history, nature and geology of northern Ethiopia!

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  • Yabello
    "Gems, volcanic lakes and coffee" - South-Ethiopia

    Discover volcanic lakes, tropical forests, African animals and gems!

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  • Erta Ale
    "Salt, Danakil dessert and active volcanoes" - Volcano adventure tour to Ethiopia

    An adventure trip to the active volcaoes of the Danakil dessert. A unique adventure!

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Group trips with Nature Discovery Tours

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Nature Discovery Tours
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Ecotourism Greece
Ecotourism Greece - our Marketing partner

The tour program of Nature Discovery Tours is small, because we offer only trips we did ourself also in the past. We have partners & friends for years and the corporation with them offers you great opportunities to enjoy all destinations. Our tours can not be found in tour offices, but only on this website and the ones of our partners.

Due to the many years Tobias Schorr has been living in Greece, this is our first beloved destination.

Our tour offers for Greece:

One of the most beautiful & interesting destinations is of course Ethiopia:

*This tour is organized by the former bussines partner of Tobias Schorr, Dr. Tom Pfeiffer.

The Canary islands:

  • Tour to the 4 Canary islands Lanzarote, La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife

More destinations are planned!

Individual trips

A individual hiking tour with Tobias Schorr on teh volcanic peninsula Methana in Greece.
A individual hiking tour with Tobias Schorr on teh volcanic peninsula Methana in Greece.

Private tours
If you like to do a tour in a private, small group, do not hesitate to ask us for an offer! We can design for you a custom made program with accommodation, meals, transfers, guide, etc.
Please contact us in advance (2-3 months latest!).

Big private groups or societies
We can arrange an offer starting 10 people to 20 people. On bigger groups we will arrange a second guide. Also there are more economic flights possible if you are more than 10 people from the same area.

3. Ideal destinations for private and custom made group tours

  • Greece
  • Ethiopia