Discover Tenerifa, Lanzarote, La Palma & El Hierro!

  • Many dormant volcanoes and young volcanic landscapes
  • 4 completely different volcanic islands
  • Rare animal and plant species
  • Meet the hospitable residents of the region!
  • Many photo opportunities
  • Good combination of round tours, hikes and walks
  • Good accommodation
  • Delicious specialties of the Canary Islands
The Canary islands

On this Nature Discovery Tour you will do an island hopping with the recommendable airline Binter Canarias. The start will be at Tenerifa south airport and a bus will bring us to Tenerifa North airport, where we will go on with our flight to Lanzarote. Volcanoes will be one of our main targets there and there will be many photography opportunities and some nice hikes.

La Palma is our second part of the journey and the famous caldera Taburiente and some newer volcanoes will be the highlights. We will also discover some nice villages.

El Hierro is one of the most unspoiled islands and famous for its submarine volcano that erupted in 2012. Its great and wild landscape is an unforgettable destination for nature lovers and hikers. The highest top of Malpaso offers us a great view over the El Golfo valley.

The caldera ft the famous and dominating volcano Teide is the highlight of this journey and the surrounding valleys the end of the journey on Tenerifa.

This tour program offers a great introduction in the different volcanoes of the Canaries, gives you the opportunity to take great photos and you will have a lot of fun on beautiful walking paths.

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