Discover natural phenomena at your holidays!

For many travelers, it is not enough to just lie in the sun on the beach. They want to discover a destination in detail. You fly thousands of kilometers just to stay at a beach and at bars?
And just a few kilometers from the hotel begins an exciting, often exotic world.
Geotourism is not simply "geological tourism", but rather a holistic way of exploring a destination and its origins, its nature and culture. Yes - every guest can be a small scientist! On hikes you can always discover something new and the large area "Geology" is not only reserved for scientists with doctor's lectures!


Volcano travel & Geotourism

What is the best way to understand the origin of the earth, than rather than an active volcano? There are many volcanoes that offer themselves as travel destinations. They are not always required to be active, like the Erta Ale in Ethiopia. Often the dormant or extinct volcanoes are also worth a visit. They are often the center of beautiful landscapes. For example, the volcano of Santorini has not erupted since 1950, and nevertheless one comes to areas which remind one, tha for example, on the island of Nea Kameni in the near future new eruptions will take place. Many volcanic areas are still almost unknown, like the volcanic peninsula Methana with its beautiful hiking trails and 30 lava domes. Vulcano trips are the classic thematic area of ​​Geotourism.


Minerals & Mining & Geotourism

Many regions of Europe gained wealth through mining and rare minerals and importing them. How far the mining industry has shaped the culture of the western world, one can see beautifully in the mining quarter Laurion in Greece. There are the ancient mines, where the silver was promoted, which financed the ancient culture of Athens. Without Laurion, the ancient Athenians would not have won the Persians in the battle of Salamis, and perhaps we would speak Persian today? Minerals can be found in all mining regions and in old volcanoes. Thus, rare minerals can be discovered on many of the trips offered here. In order to find something, you have to deal with the geology a little bit and geotourism is ideal for that goal! Your experienced guide Tobias Schorr has a special eye for rocks and minerals. He has already made great discoveries in regions where no one expected them ... The trips to North and South Ethiopia as well as to Milos and Nisyros are the trips with the greatest opportunity to discover even rare minerals!


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Tobias Schorr has been conducting geotouristic hiking & study tours in Greece since 1997. Geotourism is one of his main themes for which he has also been active for many years on the volcanic peninsula of Methana. He is co-initiator of the geotouristic conference on Methana held from 10-12 June 2016. One of his dreams was to set up a Geopark at Methana. Even if he is deaf with his plans and suggestions among the local responsible persons, he does not abandon his goals yet. His travel groups support these ideals by their interest in choosing even less-known places as a tour destination. He is a supporter of sustainable tourism. As a mineral collector he has always a keen eye on all rocks during one of his hiking tours.