The pandemic was a great shock for all of us. Many suddenly lose their existence and freedom in order to protect even weaker people.

It is a whole new experience to live near an airport and suddenly enjoy the peace and quiet. Suddenly you can hear birds again, the wind and everything that was always covered by noise.
Nature is used to pandemics and the earth has survived much worse disasters. Several times in natural history, most of the life forms have been wiped out. But it went on again and again.

A virus was always the smallest problem. And we humans have the gift that we can create solutions. We have the science that can help even in the worst of situations. It is almost a miracle that vaccines were developed in such a short time. And these vaccines, in a modified form, will perhaps also be a solution for many other viruses?

Live goes on!

We can travel again and now we shouldn't forget the people and countries we traveled to.

With best regards & stay healthy!

Tobias Schorr