Why is Milos an attractive target for sustainable tourism?

The volcanic island of Milos is easily accessible from Athens by Olympic Airways plane or ferry. Few realize that they are vacationing on an active volcanic island such as Santorini.
In a few places you can feel warm springs in the sea and in a tavern they even cook with geothermal energy.
The island is not yet overrun by mass tourism and is considered an insider tip for vacations. There are still beaches where the crowds don't roast in the sun and where you can have a carefree holiday with children.
There are nice, small guesthouses and hotels in all beautiful parts of the island. Since Milos also lives from mining, tourism is part of the acquisition, but not slavery.
The locals are accordingly friendly and helpful. Despite the economic crisis, tourists are welcome. And the island has a lot to offer. Those who love ancient remains will find many interesting things in the ancient site of Milos and at the prehistoric excavation of Phylakopi. Those who like to take photos will find beautiful villages, unique nature and great volcanic landscapes. The island is of great interest to amateur geologists and the Mining Museum has a good introduction and maps of the Miloterranea project. There are old mines and volcanic craters.

You shouldn't get bored on Milos!


Milos - the island of Venus

The island of Milos is famous for the statue of Venus, that is situated - unfortunately - today in the museum Louvré in Paris/France. There are many ancient buildings and items to be visited on this island, but the most interesting fact to discover, it the geological past of the island. Milos is a mining area due to its volcanic origin that can be discovered on hiking trips with Tobias Schorr.