Highlights of the Saronic Gulf

The Saronic Gulf, just outside of Athens, got its name from the mythical King Saron, who drowned while hunting for a deer at Lake Psifta. In the region of the Saronic Gulf there is one of the most interesting volcanic areas in Greece with the volcanoes Sousaki, Aegina, Poros and the volcanic peninsula Methana. On the island of Aegina there was one of the most important prehistoric cities in Greece, but also important settlements and sanctuaries were built in the early Mycenaean period in the Troizean country on the east coast of the Peloponnese. The region is rich in mythological tales. The landscape - despite the greater Athens & Piraeus area - is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe! Nature and the climate are diverse and worth enjoying. Thanks to its ideal geographical location, the region is an insider tip for travelers. Most regions are not yet destroyed by mass tourism and you can still get to know the original Greece. The region is a good travel destination all year round, as you can easily reach all destinations even in winter.