The acropole of Tyrins

A striking hill rises up near the road from Nauplion to Argos. It is one of the largest and most important fortifications of the Mycenaean period. The sea coast used to run in front of it, so the strategic location by the sea was ideal for trade. Maybe it was dealing with the Minoan Empire? Was it because of the Minoans that the fortress walls were built so strongly or were it hostile sea people that threatened the Acropolis? Nobody can give a 100% answer. What is certain is that the hill has been inhabited since the Stone Age and for at least 5000 years. The high point of the fortification and equipment was certainly around 1500 BC. Around 1200 BC this Mycenaean settlement also came into crisis. Was it the Trojan War that was consuming all of its resources? Was it an internal dispute between competing princes?
The Mycenaean fortress Tyrins is impressive, but not quite as beautiful or plentiful as e.g. Mycenae. But the facility is definitely worth a visit! It is worth visiting the archaeological museum in Nauplion beforehand!


Photos of the excavation