Is Greece still a safe tourist destination?

Greece is nearly every day present in News and in all media. The crisis and all needed austerity measures are discussed by every "specialist", when the same moment thousands of Greek citizen stand in front of the ATMs and others suffer. There is a lot of negative promotion of Greece all over the time. You may ask yourself "is Greece still a safe country to travel to?" Even with our last tour company we were sending many groups to Greece in the last years and there was never any problem with Greeks or in Greece. All tours were running successful and our guest were loving Greece and its hospital people.

Greece is not more dangerous than other European countries and it is even safer! Where can you go out 2 o´clock at night? Where will you always find support and help by local people? In Greece there is always one who will inform you, support or will help you!

We Europeans should still support the local people by travelling to their villages and stay at small family hotels, have a dinner in a nice tavern and do shopping in their tourist shops. This supports families and local business people, because there is no support to them by the Greek state or even the European community.

The Greeks do not want to abuse your taxes! They want to work and to offer you their service and they want to get paid fair!

"Experience Greece" is a very good blog by Ms. Heidi Jovanovic and explains a lot about the country.

The link to the page can be found here!.