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The German photographer, tour guide and former tour operator Tobias Schorr has been living in Greece for many years. He is a passionate hobby geologist, mineral collector and hobby archaeologist. He is specialised on the Greek volcanic islands of Methana, Milos, Santorini and Nisyros. On his tours he is offering all aspects of an destination and provides a great introduction into earth science. He has been published articles in mineral collector´s magazines like LAPIS and in travel magazines like the German TOURS and Outdoors. He has created an informative website about the Methana peninsula in Greece and is improving the content of this portal step by step. He is a lover of Greece and he is always in close contact with his Greek friends. In the last two years he is also creating a new program in Ethiopia which is one of the most interesting countries on this planet. Together with his friend & geologist he founded 2005 the tour operator VolcanoDiscovery GbR. After a longer break both corporate again and Tom is no the official tour operator of also the tours of Tobias Schorr.


Support of geological museums

Tobias Schorr has been interested in geology, minerals and fossils since he was about 12 years old. He spent a lot of time in the quarries of south Germany and collected rare fossils of the Triassic times and minerals. Around 1981 he was publishing his first articles in the mineral collectors magazine LAPIS („azurite from Heilbronn“ & „beryll from the black forest“). On his tours he is discovering interesting rock samples and the biggest ones are given to local geological museums, for example to the B&S mining museum on Milos island or the volcanological museum of Nisyros. In 1983 he also offered his discoveries to the Löwentor Museum in Stuttgart (a part of an Triassic nicoraurus).

In his opinion you do not have to study geology on an university, it is important to be interested in geology and to read scientific books, visit museums and see geology live in the nature. Every rock you take in your hands is a history book of geology and on the tours with Nature Discovery Tours & VolcanoDiscovery you learn to read it.

About the photos of this website & their legal use

The photos of this website have been taken mostly by the German photographer Tobias Schorr. Some older photos have been taken still with conventional photographic slides & film negatives. You will find them in the destination info area. They have been taken with Fuji Velvia 50 and the classic Canon T90 camera from 1986 to 2005. Later he changed to digital photography with Canon D5 & D5 MKII.
He loves taking nature photos (landscapes, macro, architecture, portrait). A new experience is the aerial photography with a drone.

If you want to use any of his photos for your project, please contact him for an offer!

The photos are all copyrighted even there is no name printed on them. Tobias Schorr can recognize them any time!

Tobias Schorr


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