Our long-distance tours

Nature Discovery offers long-distance trips to Ethiopia and Indonesia (planned!) that take place in small groups so that you can experience nature and not, like ants, as a wild pack of tourists flooding exotic villages. We're trying to support the locals, so mass is NOT class! What's the point of doing a hiking study trip in a great, exotic landscape and not seeing any of the native animals because they are fleeing from a loud, snapping pack? Why stay in a concrete block just because it advertises 5 stars outside and the (poorly paid) staff only work to rule? Our long-distance trips are not designed to push down prices everywhere and get away with it as "cheaply" as possible. We want our groups to be fondly remembered. This can be a kind of "international understanding" when people from different parts of the world meet. Even if you don't speak the language, a warm smile says it all. Even without "Google Translate"!