The Kremastos crest and the Devil´s gorge

The ancient city of Troezen and the sanctuary of Asclepius got their drinking water from the mountain stream that flows from the Aderes Mountains through the "Devil's Gorge". The stream has created a valley of numerous waterfalls and small lakes over several kilometers. The mountain stream rushes through a labyrinth of huge boulders, between which oleander bushes and ancient plane trees grow.
In the lakes you can often see freshwater crabs chasing the numerous frogs. In early summer you can watch young tree frogs basking on rocks by the water. Dragonflies whir across the lakes and in the evening, owls soar silently through the valley.
At the edge of the gorge you can still see the ancient water pipe and admire a technical masterpiece of antiquity on the "Devil´s bridge": a water pipe perfectly carved out of volcanic rock! Until a few years ago, you could still see an ancient owl carved into the rock, which was about 2 m high.
Unfortunately, there are always ideas floating around in the heads of local politicians to open up this valley for tourism. One can only hope that the economic crisis will let these ideas be forgotten and that the valley will be strictly protected at some point.


Photo gallery Devil´s gorge

The photos you see here were taken between 1987 and today. Many photos were taken with slide films (Fuji Velvia 50), negatives (Fuji Reala) and black and white films (Kodak Technipan 25). The camera was always the Canon T90 with 20mm, 100mm and 200mm lenses and tripod. Today everything is a bit easier with digital devices. In the past it was always an adventure to get the developed films back ... Please respect the copyrights!


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