24 years guided tours on Methana

When I discovered Methana in 1986, this region was mysterious and not even the Greeks knew the region.
There was no one hiking there or interested in the volcanoes.
So completely new territory!And for me the beginning of a great adventure. I moved there in 1989 and made my living as a photographer, interpreter, fisherman and helper in the olive harvest. During this time I experienced a region like something out of a museum.

Of course, I took every opportunity to document everything photographically and a great archive was created. But at some point photography just wasn't enough for me. I saw how fewer and fewer people lived on Methana.

Every Methanite wanted to move to Athens. The number of guests at the spas was also decreasing. I was looking for a way to help the region.
So I went back to Germany and learned all about tourism there in the Berlin tour guide agency. My first assignment was in 1995 as a Landrover driver and tour guide in Cyprus.
After that I developed a hiking tour on Santorini and led my first group there in 1996. In 1997 I led my first group on Santorini for nature & culture hiking study trips.

In the same year I also met my friend Tom Pfeiffer, with whom I founded Volcanodiscovery GbR in 2005 and ran it together until 2014. Now my company and his are cooperating again and we often lead tours on Santorini together.

The hikes on Methana are doable for anyone who is fit and wants to see something special. But you better make your own impression!

Best regards
Tobias Schorr