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On these pages you will find all the trips we offer in Greece, the Canary Islands, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Our specialty is Greece and active volcanoes worldwide.

Thanks to the proven collaboration of Nature Discovery Tours, VolcanoAdventures and Ecotourism Greece, we can offer trips together and more easily reach the minimum number of participants.

Even after the Corona crisis, we will be there for you again!

Since we have always preferred small travel groups, we will be able to act more safely in times of health requirements than mass tourism could do.

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Our hiking study tours of active volcanoes not only offer you a unique photographic experience, but also the opportunity to learn more about the geology, volcanic activity and history of these fascinating places. Our experts are at your disposal to share their extensive knowledge with you.

Photograph the amazing play of colors and textures of the lava fields, the majestic column of smoke rising from the crater and the glowing lava glowing in the dark. Capture the moments of the eruption and be inspired by the mighty force of nature.


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