Hiking and photo tours in Ethiopia

  • Scenic landscapes rising from -120 m to 4000 m altitude!
  • Fascinating animal watching
  • Many cultures & languagges
  • Intensive contact with local people
  • Enough time for taking great photographs
  • Opportunity to discover and export mineral samples & gems
  • Active volcanism
  • Deserts,steppes, tropical forests & mountains
  • Guided by experienced guides
  • Small & private groups
  • Combination of round tours and hikes

Ethiopia is one of the biggest countries of Eastern Africa and also one of the most interesting ones. It is the geology of the „Rift Valley“ and the human history that creates one of the most amazing destinations in the world. Our human origin is to be found there and probably the geological activities of active volcanism forced our ancestors to spread around the world. The diversity of human kind shows already by the different cultures even in this country and their different faces show even today our origin of European, Asiatic and American characteristics. One of our ancestors will be visited in the museum of Addis Ababa. The skeleton of Lucy will remind us that we visit the country of our grandpa and grandmother.
We have still the famine in our mind that hit Ethiopia 20-30 years ago, but today lots of things have been improved. You will discover that the Ethiopians work hard for their future and they care about irrigation, culture and infrastructure.
The scenic landscape with deep valleys, deserts and mountains up to 4000 m altitude create a rich biotope for many kinds of animals that can be watched and photographed.

The rich geologic history is one of the source of the great richness of minerals and gems. We can watch their creation in active volcanoes like Erta Ale or in the hydrothermal springs of Dallol.
Amethyste and other rare gems can be discovered on some of our tours and due to our local partners in Ethiopia, we will have access to the license to export samples for our mineral collections.

The Ethiopians are very hospital people and due to our local partners we will have direct contact with the people, not only when they will invite us for their famous coffee ceremony.