Hiking with a "theme" = hiking study trips!

By "hiking study trips" we mean group trips, where hiking gives the opportunity to reach interesting sights that could not be reached by car or bus.

A hiking trip can have a special topic, such as the topic "volcanism" on the Santorini trip or the topic of mineral resources & ancient culture on the Milos trip. The hikes do not have the purpose of achieving top athletic performance ("collecting kilometers"), but rather the discovery and observation of rare natural phenomena or ancient and prehistoric remains.

A "hiking study trip" is therefore not only suitable for "studying" guests.

Many hikes with Tobias Schorr and his partners have led guests to pursue new hobbies.

A hiking study trip with one topic nevertheless covers all facets of a travel destination. If you with Tobias Schorr e.g. you hike to the historic volcano of Methana, meet mountain goatherds, take photos of rare orchids along the way, smell the fresh origano, enjoy the great landscape and then learn in the center of the volcano how it erupted and why there are volcanoes.

"Photo trips" also belong in this category, because those who explore a region by hiking do not rush from motif to motif, but take the time to explore a place intensively.
Then we don't go to the places that have been photographed millions of times, but approach each other in a different, creative way. Why should you e.g. to be pushed to the place in Oia where hundreds of guests jostle for the "sunset" every evening? There are much nicer viewpoints with a great foreground!

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Is there an ideal age for participants?

Hiking study trips are suitable for everyone who is physically fit and who can walk 2-6 km on foot in their leisure time without any problems.  For children who are interested in everything, it makes sense from the age of 12 if they have already done hikes. There is always something new to discover for them. For adults, travel is possible into higher age. The average number of participants is approximately 35-60 years old. But guests over 80 were also taking part on hiking study trips, when they were still fit enough.

But please note!
Because we had a few cases of guest who came on tours, even with problems of climbing common stairways (!!!) and had no feeling of walking on loose ground and had no fitness at all - these are conditions, that do not allow a participation on a hiking tour! If we see that you have such problems even on the arrival, we are very sorry, but you can not take part on our hiking tours! If you are the only guest on a tour, we can handle this in some destinations, but if there are other guests, we have to ask you to stay at the hotel and arrange your own program at your responsibility. The other guests have booked a hiking tour and we have to do the booked tour. Even it is only one guest and you are a couple!