One of the most beautiful theatres in the Peloponnese

There has been stress between the village Ligourion and Palia Epidavros in recent years. The occasion are the two ancient amphitheaters, both of which belonged to Epidavros in antiquity. Only the larger and famous one is next to the village of Ligourion and the other is on the coast at the port of Palia Epidavros. So which is the "official" Epidavros? If you proceed systematically, the larger theatre is part of the Asklepion and this was part of the main town Epidaurus. And that was by the sea.
So Ligourion has now changed its name to "Asklepion" because Ligourion is unknown to the foreigners ... And yet tourists always get lost when they read "Epidavros". Because it exists "twice".

The smaller theater is no less beautiful and there are no crowds and no tourist buses. Its location is very beautiful and behind it rises a hill that belongs to a peninsula on which the ancient city of Epidaurus and its sanctuaries lay. In an old Byzantine chapel you can even find the foundation stone of the Dionysos sanctuary and scattered walls and columns. Not even a tenth has been excavated, but in the future many ancient items will surely be discovered.


Photos of the little theatre of Epidavros

Aerial photographs

After the successful course of the Methana Volcano Challenge, there is now an athletic competition at a historic site! The event starts on May 7th and you can register for it in the link!