Our accommodation on the tours to Ethiopia

Depending on the destination we will stay in hotels, private hotels, primitive huts or in camping tents. In some interesting areas there are no hotels with a western standard. In cities & bigger towns we will use good hotels with a high level of service. Our partners in Ethiopia know which accommodation fits to our needs and they organize everything.

In the desert Danakil there are only very primitive open air „hotels“ or camping sites. On the rim of Erta Ale volcano there is a little village with simple stone huts that protect from sun, but the comfort level is very primitive. There is no alternative, so we have to use this accommodation to enjoy the active lava lake of Erta Ale.


Modern hotels

Of course you may find modern and luxurious hotels in the cities of Ethiopia. In these cities we stay at good hotels with all service. There are restaurants, bars and even swimming pools. Wireless internet is mostly available for free.


Simple country hotels & lodges

In national parks and some villages we can find primitive private hotels or lodges. They are equiped very simple and we should not expect more than a WC and a shower.



At some tours it makes more sense to build up a camp site than using a hotel that does not meet our standard or to loose time by a long drive. Our tents protect us against sun or insects. We will have our cook who will prepare tasty, fresh food.


Primitive huts

At the crater rim of Erta Ale volcano we stay at a very primitive village made of stone huts. They are covered with branches and straw to protect from sun. But they do not protect a lot against dust and wind. So we recommend a light weight sleeping bag and an insulating sleeping mattress. There is no alternative to this accommodation, but it is worth to see the active lava lake even there is no level of comfort.


Simple open air beds

At the settlement of Ahmadela near Dallol volcano we will accommodate open air in simple wooden beds.


A few samples of accommodation