Troezen - prehistoric and ancient highlights

The Troezen region has been populated since early human history. The ideal location, the rich nature and the ideal climate have always been an incentive to settle. In prehistoric times, Troezen was one of the first densely populated places and important myths are associated with the region. There was King Saron, who drowned while hunting for a hind at Lake Psifta, or Hippolytos, who was punished by Poseidon for an "illegal" relationship with his stepmother and who was killed by a wave while riding. Both myths may refer to the tsunami waves that occurred in 1627 BC. BC being triggered by the eruption of the Santorini volcano.
The Mycenaean castle, which was probably the prehistoric Troizen, is located in the vicinity of the village of Galatas.
The ancient, classic city and its famous Asklepios sanctuary were excavated and researched by the German archaeologist Gabriel Welter in 1941.
Today you can still see the Hippolytos temple, the Akslepion and an old altar in the excavation site. The Aphrodite Temple is now included in the Episkopi Church. A stadium is believed to be below it in the east. The excavations have not progressed very much since Gabriel Welter and are bobbing away. There are certainly numerous other buildings right on the excavation site.
Definitely worth seeing!
Nearby there are still Roman buildings, a watchtower and an early Christian basilica in the lemon fields.